Harry Styles releases his third album

Pop-thrilling Harry Styles is set to release its third album on Friday, a purposeful collection whose Tongi Synthesis and soft-sounding vocals compliment personal tunes on their closest record to date.

The one-time boy band Heart Throb for teenagers has become a heartbeat for everyone, and the charming tone and soft tone of “Harry House” betrayed a pop star in love.

The album combines the warmth of a California-lit afternoon, as well as the stylistic songwriting skills – ready to embarrass you.

Styles said after performing on the stage of the show “Aaj” on Thursday morning, “I think it’s a collection of all my favourite things and a lot like the album I’ve always wanted to make, so I’m really happy. I am. ” In Rockefeller Plaza, New York.

“It’s the most personal record I’ve ever made,” he told the show. “There was an increase in the epidemic and the way it was made. It was made by a few people in a small room.”

“I think it’s the freest. I’ve ever felt composing music.”

The England-born Styles gained a reputation as part of the One Direction Group, which ruled from 2010-to 2016 and is one of the best-selling boy bands ever.

Styles released their first solo album in 2017 and reached the top of the charts with the 2019 “Fine Line” which also posted a great commercial success.

And as her solo career unfolds, Stiles has come up with an emotionally available coroner whose charisma, gender flow, and empathy have made her a champion of engagement.

In his new song “Boyfriends”, he presents himself as the dream opponent of all boyfriends, going through the flaws of poisonous masculinity and presenting himself as the companion of a broken heart.

But it’s more than a bleeding heart – Styles is thirsty.

Following her second album’s hit “Watermelon Sugar” with a thin curtained ode, the artist’s captivating quotes on “Harry’s House” include wet dreams, orgasms, erotic knees and a side bob.

“Green eyes, fried rice,” he sings on the bop, “Music for a sushi restaurant.”

“I can cook an egg on you.”

It’s just one of many song choices that sounds weird but practically only works, a testament to the artist’s sharp poetic chips and growing desire to uncover the shape of his desires.

Stiles is thought to be dating Olivia Wilde, who cast her in the upcoming psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” which she directed.

“I bring pop to the cinema / You pop when we’re intimate,” she sings in the course of the pulsating disco track “Cinema” – a sex ballad a song that refers to her relationship with him. Gives.

But the styles for all of his advisory melodies – whose rise to fame parallels the growing scrutiny of the way famous artists are surrounded in their personal lives – keep their personal affairs to themselves. Prefer to keep

He has been under investigation for years for his sexuality and love life, but in a recent interview, he said that these lines of questioning seemed “old” to him.

“It doesn’t matter where we go, which is about accepting everyone and being more open,” he told Better Homes and Gardens in an interview published last month. “It’s not necessary to label everything, it’s not necessary to specify which boxes you are checking.”

This attitude is working for Styles, who considers himself one of the most beloved pop stars in the world as a drop in his third album.

Her absolute liking was fully evident when she headlined last month’s Coachella Festival, which featured a jumpsuit chest to play her new music in front of a sea of ​​screaming, hormone-aided fans. A multi-coloured disco ball was donated.

“It’s big here, innit?” She fit, spread out the charm that she embodied in her music – extremely sexy, modest but mesmerizing, a modern pop star over the world.