Kendall Jenner shares five tips to curb anxiety

The reality star and supermodel Kendall Jenner is slowly getting used to her social anxiety getting in the way of her everyday activities and has developed some healthy coping mechanisms to manage it. As she finds her way to a “calmer, more positive mindset,” the 26-year-old model shared her morning routine with fans.

For anyone struggling with anxiety, and especially social anxiety, bookmark this one. Jenner’s tips aren’t just healthy, her experience suggests they’re also sustainable. On Instagram, Jenner shared a clip showing off her aesthetic front yard, a beautiful green space with a water feature. The clip featured soothing sounds of water droplets splashing against each other.

“My anxiety (especially social anxiety) has been at 100 lately. I’ve gotten to a place where I don’t feel bad about it. I love my space and my time alone. I am finding ways to help me start the day with a calmer, more positive mindset. With that said, just wanted to spread some good vibes,” she wrote before continuing with her morning routine.

1. Breathe

Breathing plays an important role in reducing anxiety. To take control of her breathing and be more present at the moment, Jenner started her day with 10 deep breaths in and out before touching her phone. This means a strict ‘NO’ for screen time, especially right after waking up.

2. Write your thoughts in a journal

After taking a deep breath, the model shared that she headed to her garden and wrote in a diary for a while. “I wrote down all the things I’m looking forward to today/this month,” she shared.

In an interview,  Jenner shared the importance of journaling. “It is important to have a space just for you where you can let out your happiness. Your anger, frustrations and stress, the things that scare you, the things that make you happy, and even just ideas.” She confessed that her diary is an “old-fashioned” diary that she locks and keeps when she’s not using it.

3. Mindfulness and gratitude

After letting out her thoughts and planning for the day, she moved into a stage of mindfulness. Still sitting on the patio, she said she expressed her gratitude for all her blessings. In 2020, when the pandemic hit us all with a spell of loneliness at home and health issues, Kendall took to Twitter and thanked her followers. “Over the past year, I have found it difficult to keep my spirits up at times and have struggled with my mental health. What gets me through it is gratitude! Be grateful today for what you have! Sending love,” she wrote.

4. Sunbath

Struggling with mental health or not, this is a keeper. To feel grounded in reality, one must spend some time in the sun and soak up the sunlight, and that’s what Jenner did as he continued with his morning. Vitamin D is essential!

5. Drink some tea

While the caffeine in coffee can make some people anxious, there are herbal teas that can help start the day with a calming, less-triggering dose of caffeine. Jenner’s self-care list included a cup of tea and a few deeper breaths as she went about her day.