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The book-based animated heist is so funny it’s criminal.

“The bad boys” is a fun animated comedy based on a popular graphic novel series. With a memorable message about the harmful impact of stereotypes, follow a wolf (voice of Sam Rockwell), a shark (Craig Robinson), a piranha (Anthony Ramos), a snake (Marc Maron), and a tarantula (Awkwafina) as they have formed an infamous criminal network. There is cartoon violence: characters getting hit by a car, fighting in self-defence, explosions, etc. – and momentary danger, but it’s largely delivered with a light tone.

Characters drink from glasses that appear to hold cocktails, and friends trade insults and use swear words (“butt,” “fart,” etc.). Throughout the story, the characters learn that being good means putting the needs of others before your own and that positive recognition can follow good deeds; a subplot about sharing is as clear and bright as a diamond. (100 minutes)

Doc has majestic footage, positive lessons, and natural hazards.

The Disneynature Documentary” Polar Bear” — from the directors behind previous films like “Elephant,” “penguins” Y “Planet Earthoffers beautiful images and meaningful environmental lessons. Narrator Catherine Keener recounts the life of a mother bear and her two cubs from the perspective of one of her cubs.

Prepare for moments that show the harsh side of life in the wild: female bears and cubs are preceded by male bears and (spoiler alert) one cub dies. The footage shows bears stalking, capturing and feeding on prey, including baby penguins and walruses, eggs, seals and a dead whale.

The narrative tells of the bears getting to the whale’s “juicy goodness” beneath its thick skin before they must wash the blood from their skin after the feast. The film also warns that global warming is causing “almost insurmountable” changes in the environment of polar bears, but assures viewers that the animals are “great survivors” because they transmit knowledge and master change. (83 minutes)

Available on Disney Plus

The semi-interactive series is fun and edgy, with cartoon violence.

battle kitty” is an interactive adventure series about a cute kitty and his best friend, Orc (both characters are voiced by the show’s creator, Matt Layzell). The two travel through their futuristic medieval world fighting enemies and exploring. When Kitty gets agitated, her powers activate.

There isn’t much interaction within the individual episodes, but there is a map where viewers can choose what they want to watch; they cannot access certain episodes until they have collected the “key” by watching others, unlike video game missions.

Expect lots of cartoonish violence with a bonus: most of the orc characters are big, scary, and evil; Battle Kitty gets electrocuted in a swimming pool and the characters get trampled. Language includes “butts,” “big poop head,” and “butt,” and there’s fart humour. Orcs drink what looks like beer or beer. (Nine episodes ranging in length from 22 to 54 minutes)

The sequel to the short documentary celebrates the harmony and resilience of nature.

Biggest Little Farm: The Return” is a half-hour continuation of the sweet 2019 movie about a family that created and runs a sustainable farm in Southern California. It offers positive messages about caring for the earth and allowing ecosystems and wildlife to flourish naturally. There are also potentially disturbing scenes of animals, including baby animals, being injured, attacked or killed.

Piglets are accidentally suffocated by their mother (one is buried by a farmer and another has a wound stitched up in a makeshift OR), and there are pecking chickens, scary snakes, marauding predators like coyotes, and some destructive wildfires, thunder and wind storms. . . References are made to raising a pig, which has up to 17 piglets in a litter and spends a lot of time nursing. (29 minutes)

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