Prince Harry could ‘tone down’ memoir in exchange of Queen balcony spot

Prince Harry could have a less brutal book on the royals after meeting Queen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been invited to the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee celebration this summer with equal inclusion at all family events.

The Daily Telegraphy reports that the invitation means Harry and Meghan will join the royals on the Queen’s balcony for the auspicious occasion.

However, royal expert Christopher Joll predicts that this offer is part of a give-and-take deal between the Sussexes and the Queen in which Harry will leak stunning details of his royal life in upcoming memoirs.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Joll said: “He has promised a kiss and recounts his memoir for which Penguin Random House paid him a multimillion-dollar advance.

“Well, if he has reconciled with the Royal Family to the point of being able to appear on the balcony with them, he will surely have dimmed the content of his memories.

“If you take down the content of your memoir, Random House won’t be too happy about it.

“You can’t be a commercial celebrity and a royal at the same time.”

Last week, Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection, called Harry’s plea for UK security “sheer unadulterated nonsense”.

After the Duke chose the Netherlands over Grandpa Philip’s thanksgiving, Mr Davies added: “The truth is, I do not doubt that he will be protected whether he takes his equipment or that the Dutch authorities give him some sort of VIP status.

“The truth is that, if there is a risk, both our countries and the Netherlands have sophisticated systems to determine the risk.

“This country has determined that it is no longer at risk. That may or may not be true, but far better-qualified people than I can now make that decision and they never do it lightly.”