Camilla is ‘not as accommodating as Charles’ towards Prince William

The relationship between Camilla Parker and her stepson William is revealed by a real expert. The Duke of Cambridge, who turns 40 in the coming months, has his share of disagreements with future Queen Consort Camilla, says Robert Jobson.

In his column for the Dail Mail, Jobson recounts that William often struggles to understand that he is in a lower position than Charles in the royal order.

“As a former high-ranking member of the Royal House explains, William sometimes seems to forget that there is a hierarchy in which he ranks below his father. “When it comes to his father, it is as if William thinks they are, as direct heirs to the throne, on one level.’

Another well-placed source agreed: “Deference doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary when it comes to her father.”

Camilla, however, makes sure that her husband, the future king, is protected in all circumstances, even if it requires him to confront William.

“The Duchess of Cornwall, however, is not as accommodating to William as Charles, nor as conciliatory as Catherine.

“She’s also quite prepared to put William in his place when she feels he’s abusing her father’s generosity and kindness.

“‘The truth is that the Duchess feels she must protect the Prince of Wales from himself at times. He is going to be king, and she doesn’t mind reminding the other members of the family from time to time, and that includes his son and heir, said a courtier.

“Like Charles, Camilla avoids confrontation, preferring to drive the message home through more subtle means.

“Another courtier recalled: ‘I remember an occasion when they were at Windsor Castle after a joint farewell event, and the Duke of Cambridge learned that his father had police escorts from the Special Escort Group for a trip, as he justified his royal status.

“He asked his father if he and Catherine could join them in the convoy, which would make it easier for them to get through traffic.

“The Prince of Wales agreed. But when Prince William and his wife kept the Prince and Duchess of Cornwall waiting for several minutes, the Duchess of Cornwall insisted that they leave without their eldest son in tow.

“When William and Catherine got out, all they could see was the flashing blue lights of the motorbikes disappearing into the distance.” the informant points out.