Samina Peerzada join massive PTI jalsa in Lahore

Several celebrities, including veteran actors Samina Peerzada and Khaled Anam, joined the crowds at the Pakistan Tekreek and Insaaf mass jalsa in Lahore, where former Prime Minister Imran Khan demanded immediate elections in the country.

Held in the historic location of Minar in Pakistan, celebrities joined the protest, wearing green and red, the official colours of the political party, to show support for Khan, who was ousted via a no-confidence motion earlier this month.

Samina took to Twitter to share a photo of herself with PTI colours on her head and wrote, “We are stronger now. The entire country affirms in unison that we are a free and independent nation. We will make our own decisions. Free and fair elections immediately.”

Musician Annie Khalid also took to the Bird app to share photos of herself at the rally. She wrote alongside him: “World are you watching? We reject the foreign conspiracy. It’s Imran Khan or nothing!”

Actor Shaan Shahid, who also addressed the crowd at the rally, tweeted: “I spoke my heart for the love I have for my motherland. I am a Pakistani who stands firm with the only hope of Pakistan, Imran Khan.”

Veteran actor Khaled Anam shared videos of the venue on Instagram, writing in the caption, “I’m there, and you?” Along with a hashtag that translates to “We Reject Imported Government.”

Fashion designer Munib Nawaz wrote on the photo-sharing app: “Time to choose aside. In the future, these days will be marked as one of the brightest [uprises] in the political awakening of this country. Glad to hear it [I’m] on the side of Pakistan!”

VJ and host Anoushey Ashraf took to their Instagram stories to comment on the huge turnout the rally attracted. Sharing a post by vlogger Ukhano, Ashraf wrote: “Proud of my friends for showing up! Never so many people from my circle [turned] to show their support for change. He added, aiming for the current ruling government, “I have paid my taxes all my life. I can’t bear to see my money being spent on their luxuries while Pakistanis starve.”

Zara Noor Abbas also shared photos from the protest, writing on Instagram: “Lahore, I salute your strength!”


Addressing a huge public gathering in Minar-e-Pakistan, Khan stressed that the PTI was a democratic party and strongly believed in democracy, adding that he would never accept any “imported rules” in the country.

“We don’t want any confrontation, but the mistake of imposing the ‘imported government’ can only be corrected by holding immediate elections in the country,” the former prime minister said at the rally.

Khan called on the people of Pakistan to prepare for his call to come to Islamabad in the next phase of his movement. He called on the people to commit to continuing their peaceful struggle for “real democracy and independence” in Pakistan until new elections are announced.